miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

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hello as they estan I wait for q well these were the pages that I visit thanks for everything

nilenis parra : www.nilenisparrablogspot.com, nn_272@hotmail.com
alexandra www.alexa.zda.blogspot.com

Unit 16 Telephones a conversation.

PAOLA: Hello, how are you?WILLIAMS: Hi, i’m fine and you ?PAOLA: I’m fine, I’m just calling you to invite you to my party this Saturday, it will be in my house.WILLIAMS: Oh, thanks for the invitation! I will try to go.PAOLA: Ok bye.WILLIAMS: See you later.

Unit 15 Biographies

in this part a little my life sabran is my biography I hope that of their affability and that they like

I was born on september 20th in 1989, in Maracaibo, Zulia. I’m 17 years old, my family is conformed by my mother, my father, my 2 brothers, my grandmother and my dog “ princesa “. I study in the URBE in the second semester of social comunication.

Unit 14 Last Weekend

I went to the beach with all my family, i had a good time there. I went to Miramar in Falcon, i stayed 4 days at Miramar, We stayed at my aunt’s hosuse.

Unit 13 Were is Urbe? Giving direction

The URBE is on Goajira Av, in front of the Plaza de toros de Maracaibo.

Unit 12 At the doctorsDialogue dramatization

DOCTOR: Hi, what can i do for you?PAOLA: I feel a little fatigated. DOCTOR: Ok, Let me see how is your tension. PAOLA: Ok DOCTOR: Your fine, take this medicine and go home bye.

Unit 11 Festivities and Favorite Celebration

here they found on the celebration but inpartante that is my it fulfills I wait for q leaves a commentary

My favorite celebration is my birthday, on september 20th this year i will be 18 years old. And when i graduated from high school.